It’s Not about Tell-Yell-Sell for Sustained Success

by Judith E. Glaser

What inhibits healthy connections in business to create successful change or business turnarounds?  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or business executive, it’s most likely that these four behaviors will derail your leadership ability:

  1. Talking past each other – not really listening.
  2. Communication blind spots – failure to connect
  3. Not Seeing Beyond Your Own Vision – not gaining additional perspective
  4. Not Focusing on Shared Success – It’s all about you

(I wrote about these behaviors in more detail in my previous post, You’ve Reached the Top, Now What?).
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You’ve Reached the Top! Now What?

Four Communication Blind Spots that Derail Leaders 

by Judith E. Glaser

Starting a business from scratch is different from stepping in and adding value to an existing company. Entrepreneurs love the challenges, risks, and thrills of doing what others have not done—envisioning new horizons, exploring the unknown, moving to the next peak and eventually reaching the top.

Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs

So, why do so many ambitious and talented executives and entrepreneurs plateau, burn out, and at times regress once they “reach the top” of whatever ladder, mountain or organizational structure they’ve been climbing?

My answer, based on both research and reflection, is that while they tend to be great talkers (because they continually pitch their visions, strategies, products and services to investors, banks, employees, customers, clients, and partners), they may plateau when it comes to connecting deeply with others.

Reaching the summit today requires us to develop a new perspective and paradigm of leadership and to climb two peaks: 1) creating and selling the vision, and 2) connecting with other people as we build the business around our innovative ideas. Connecting with others enables us to build concentric circles of engagement with employees and customers to expand the brand in magnificent and exciting ways. Entrepreneurs who put relationships before tasks and build bridges for connection become multipliers of the DNA for entrepreneurship—a powerful path for getting to the next level of greatness.
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New Employee [Millennial Video] Career Development

Sometimes it’s tough to get your message across to new workers. It can seem like they’re not listening or they’re getting the wrong message.  Using these short video clips will add an alternative voice and support the important skills you’re teaching.

Need to give feedback? Teach prioritization? Effective communication? Use the medium they love most: video. Here’s a group of short videos designed for career development training of young workers. It’s called the Success at Work series which you can preview here:

career development for Millenials

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New Short Video Series for Management Training

The Manager Moments Series: How to Excel in Tricky Situations is designed to deliver short blasts of practical wisdom to busy professionals on everyday management challenges.  Related topics are grouped into bite-sized programs which engage viewers with well-acted real world role-plays.

  • How to Curb Employee Gossip (7:05 minutes)
  • How to Deal with Difficult Peers (7:40 minutes)
  • How to Manage Upward (6:45 minutes)
  • How to Manage Time Thieves (7:20 minutes)
  • How and When to Delegate (6:15 minutes)

Watch the video preview here.>

Select video/DVD trainings 20% off! for Local & State Government and Education.  Make sure to use the promotional code GovEDUState20 to get your discount or call (212) 721-0910 and we can help.

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A Female Truth-Teller’s Backbone

In the Woody Allen movie “Another Woman,” Gena Rowlands portrays “an accomplished philosophy professor who, upon turning 50, feels compelled to take emotional stock of her life… Suddenly her quest for truth turns into a powerful and personal odyssey of self-examination, discovery and acceptance.”

Her journey progresses through classic Allen vignettes in which she discovers her ambiguous nature and learns the direct truth about how people perceive her. With each vignette, she becomes more conscious about her disconnect with her persona. Through the variety of exchanges she has with family members and friends, she slowly evolves into “another woman,” overcoming ambiguity (a courage obstacle) manifesting the truth of her inner essence.

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Short [Videos] for Time and Stress Management

These videos are full of time and stress management tips for busy workers,managers, supervisors who juggle deadlines, projects and multiple demands and have no time to waste.

Learn how to communicate effectively, stop procrastination, organize yourself, your team, manage your priorities and learn project management skills to increase productivity while lowering stress.

(Click on any link to see a video preview and pricing. Videos can be bought as a bundle or individually.)

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A Workplace Relationship Repair Kit To Transform Conflict

By Judith E. Glaser

Suppose you argued with a colleague and now you’re avoiding him. Your relationship is damaged, and you wonder how to repair and restore it—how to start over, make up, rebuild trust, and work through issues rather than move way from others.managing conflict at work

Most of us experience moments of conflict daily as we fall prey to power, politics, and personalities. When we disagree with someone on an issue, we get triggered, and then go for a win. If the conflict involves something important to us, we tend to take a position and fight for our beliefs.

Relationship Repair Ritual

My relationship repair kit includes conversational rituals that will help you reframe, refocus, and redirect conversations and transform anger into alignment.

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America’s Most Neglected Employee

Please say it ain’t so!

Managers, that cream in the Oreo between leadership and employees are getting squashed as a budget priority for development.

Managers, who have the ability to fundamentally determine whether a peak performer stays or is engaged in his/her work, are one of the most under-appreciated employees in America.  This is according to a 2015 study of 205 Training and HR executives by Kelton Research and Root, Inc. 69% of the trainers surveyed  say their senior leaders don’t believe there is a strong link between effective management training and business performance. Yet, the Bureau of National Affairs estimates businesses lose $11 billion lost each year from dis-engaged workers. 

In the study, senior leaders prioritized reducing overhead or investing in technology upgrades over management training.

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Three Rules of Engagement for Effective Communication

by Judith E. Glaser

We all recognize the need for courage to start a business, play competitive sports, incur risks in investments, lead a diverse team in competitive markets, or take on an outback adventure. But do we really need courage to have a conversation?

Curiously I know many people who have the leadership courage to engagConversational courage in times of high stresse in risky ventures, heroic quests, and brave actions and yet lack the relationship courage to initiate and engage in meaningful conversations with the people who matter most to them – family members, business partners, employees, investors, and others.

I regard Courage as a vital component of Conversational Intelligence because, by definition, courage deals with matters of the heart (the word courage derives from Latin cor, meaning heart, having the inner strength to share innermost feelings, to speak your mind, openly and honestly, by speaking from your heart.)

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Find Who You’re Becoming in the Magic of a Morning

by Sandra Ford Walston

How do you feel about your work life? Are you living in joyful childlike innocence, or are you an overanxious, controlling adult? What identifies your personality at work? A clique? A job description? blossoming to full potential

One easy way to find out is to take advantage of that first slice of stillness just as you awaken. You can ask a question about something, and the truth will reveal itself with a simple “yes or no.” The magic of the morning sets the tone and intent for your mood, as Oprah Winfrey affirms:

“I awaken to a morning prayer of thanks posted on my bathroom wall from Marianne Williamson’s book Illuminata. I think about all those who didn’t make it to 51 and were claimed to a different calling before they realized the beauty and wonder and majesty of life on earth.… I knew that I was connected to a power greater than myself—that I need only slow down and get still enough to let the flow that is all life carry me to the next level.”

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