9 Ways to Protect and Manage Your Most Precious Asset

There’s probably nothing more valuable than time. We’re given a set amount of “pieces” or tools that we caneffective time management use to accomplish goals. The one limiting factor will be time. Will we make our deadlines? Will we manage our team and resources toward the most important tasks or get sidelined doing the unimportant but urgent? Where will we get our best advice? Here are nine tips to support your personal and professional leadership efforts

Four Ways to Effectively Delegate by Karlin Sloan

We think of leaders as take-charge people who can handle difficult tasks with grace and determination and who are capable of juggling several tasks at once. Of course this is right – to a point. No one is perfect – and you shouldn’t try to be! The best leaders know when it’s time to ask for help and rather than feeling ashamed, they become empowered.

Here are four instances where it’s more than OK to ask someone for help >>

Five Ways to Get Matched with Your Best Mentor
by Lois Zachary
Mentors or a Board of Advisors can give you the perspective and coaching to move your leadership skills up a notch or two. And, you don’t need to wait for a formal mentoring program to get matched with your next mentor.  If you follow these simple steps you can do it yourself.

But where to begin? Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Do some reflection and self-assessment.  Consider mentoring relationships you’ve had in the past and what worked for you and what didn’t. What are the lessons you want to carry forward? You may discover, for example, that you had a hard time asking for help or sharing your vulnerabilities and, on reflection, you realize you could have gotten so much more about the experience had you been willing to reveal more of yourself.  Or, you may notice that the mentor who was the most helpful to you gave you fair and candid feedback.  These kinds of insights can help you make a better decision about the attributes and characteristics you are looking for in your next mentor.
    2. Use criteria to identify, seek, and select the right mentors for you.  What criteria?  Read more >>

Leadership skills video trainings

    Use Success Television’s Video Library of Great Leaders for your next training. There’s nothing like a video story to help participants learn and remember your learning points.
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