All Hail to Data! But, Are We Using It Wisely?

We’re hearing a lot about data these days. It’s being heralded as the objective, predictive way to source great talent and boost productivity. But, the trick is to draw the right conclusions from all those great data points.

Watch this great video that uses data to show a powerful story of the Japanese earthquake before during and after the March 11th “big one.”  You’ll feel the impact visually as well hear it so adjust your speakers!  Notice the timeline starting in January.

Seismologists who tracked underground plate movements since the late 70s expected the next “big one” to hit southwest of Tokyo. That didn’t happen. The “big one” hit northeast of Tokyo.

The data they had didn’t accurately predict what would happen…or the conclusions based on the data was incorrect.

Just because you have the data doesn’t mean you can accurately predict the next great leader or talent.

Still, data is the new buzz king for just about any industry that collects it: advertising (what creative works and which audience should we target), talent management (will this candidate perform or blow out) and predictive behavior for just about anything. Think Amazon or Netflix and how they can ‘suggest’ what you might want to buy. In the case of Netflix they do this based on data collected when you rent a video and rate it.

Data is becoming so large and can be sliced and diced into so many components, it takes the human to know whether the right questions are being asked and the right assumptions are made. The issue then becomes, what to do with it and when to take action so you don’t go down a wrong path.

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