Creative Leadership that Fosters an Innovative Mindset

By Chic Thompson

A creative leader is part alchemist, part diplomat. Creative leaders that foster diverse opinions and innovationThey are always looking for imaginative ways to influence people to achieve their vision and harness their organization’s creative energy.

At the heart of creative leadership is the ability to see and bring together opposites. Whether it is a vision for a wayward organization… simplicity for a complex task… consensus to a conflict… or revenue for a budget cut.

Creative leaders reach out for all viewpoints and don’t allow opposing views to cancel each other out. They create time for innovation by abandoning the old and outdated programs and policies that get in their way.

They break those old rules from elementary school and replace them with the opposite guidelines for collaboration, improvisation and reflection.

  • Rather than think there is only one right answer. They look for second and third right answers.
  • Rather than think the teacher is always right. They challenge management to look for answers from all levels.
  • Rather than think the right answer is in the back of the book. They are constantly revising policy manuals based on the changing environment.
  • Rather than think that passing notes and looking on someone else’s paper is cheating. They encourage collaboration and appreciate diversity of thought, even contrarian viewpoints.
  • Rather than think that the answer is not on the ceiling. They take time every day to look at the ceiling and visualize the future they want to steer their organization toward.
Chic Thompson
Author of “What a Great Idea!” and “Yes, but…” 

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