Critical Thinking Skills for Managers

Faced with global competition, pricing pressures and constantly evolving new technology, the leadership decision-making process requires managers to master critical thinking skills.critical thinking skills for managersmanagement decision making process for innovation

But, how do you set up a good management decision-making process when you have more than a day job? Innovation expert and author Holly Green provides a great step by step guideline for the management decision-making process. It actually sounds like a lot of fun and the by-product of this leadership decision-making process is employee engagement and buy-in.

Critical Thinking Skills in the Management Decision Making Process

She uses the leadership decision-making process of divergent and convergent thinking, but not at the same time. Divergent critical thinking skills are kind of like silly putty for your brain. You stretch your brain in all sorts of directions without seeking the familiar. For example, look at magazines or stores just to give your brain input from unfamiliar or random images.

Green explains how to use these critical thinking skills in a fun way: “Deliberately create new links between objects, ideas, events, people, or processes. As you link things together that are normally not connected, you begin to see new relationships and possibilities in the creative process.”

divergent critical thinking skillsShe uses the example of a rubber ball. Its qualities include being round, smooth, fun, resilient and they bounce. Now, you can use your leadership decision-making process to see how those qualities relate to innovative ideas around a new product or service.

How could you make your product or service more resilient? How could your product be more fun? What could you do to get customers who have left to bounce back to doing business with you?

The flip side of divergent critical thinking skills is convergent thinking where you group all your ideas around a particular criteria. This starts the management decision-making process of whittling down ideas with the goal of executing on some of them.  You can base your management decision-making process on costs, time to execute and risk.

Success with this leadership decision-making process  is only ensured with an effective communication strategy and sharing your vision and what’s in it for the team.


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