Good Leaders Find Clarity Without the Data

The internet has automated many tasks to make our lives easier. Scheduling, communication, now “Robo-investing” where computing helps to automatically re-balance our financial portfolios to hit our financial targets.  But, one thing that can’t be automated is good decision-making.

This video of Inkling founder and CEO Matt MacInnis explains how he had to make the hard decision to re-direct his company after five years of slogging it out in the e-textbook world.

What’s so great about this video is that it illuminates good decision-making in the face of no hard evidence or data, facing change, letting go of attachments and being right. It’s just a great example of leadership.

(We apologize ahead of time for the long ad at the beginning, especially for such a short video. Can’t wait until a smart entrepreneur can disrupt that in the future.)

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