How to Become More Resilient & Succeed

“Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable” is a skill all of us canResilience and managing risk use more of as the world changes and new opportunities and threats present themselves to us individually and to our organizations.

Resilience is a powerful trait and comes from the alchemy of knowing what we want, taking responsibility for achieving it, taking a risk, facing a setback and embarrassment and finding another way to achieve our mission. It’s a muscle that gets stronger with practice and belief in ourselves. Read more and watch a video of LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman on becoming more resilient. >>

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50 Shades of Mentoring and 4 Ways to Succeed

The term “mentoring” covers the panoply of development activities that go on in the workplace. It is often overused, misused, and underutilized. The mentee, having never been in a mentoring relationship, comes to it looking for advice about how to solve day-to-day problems. The mentor, who has little time to spare, sees the need and looks to fill it quickly by giving the right answers. Both mentor and mentee are participating in the relationship with differing assumptions driving their interaction.

Here are 4 ways to make your mentoring programs more effective >>

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