Inspirational Business Training Video to Manage Change

Did you know that our brains are hardwired to focus on pain or the fear of pain when we are afraid? That takes energy away from solving problems or spotting opportunities to survive in business.

Solutions include focusing on the positive, avoiding negative people or constantly checkingpositive business attitude video the stock market ticker!  A powerful solution is to become aware of our behavior during times of change and realize how we over-compensate. Often that can mean we hold too tightly to what we have. We, in effect, freeze and don’t explore or take the needed risks we need to succeed.

While fear and our reaction to it is all very natural, can we afford to have it affect our business? Where will your business wind up if you freeze?  How will you generate new products and sales? What opportunities are you overlooking?

Success Is An Attitude! is designed to motivate your team and leaders to explore new ideas and ways to achieve your goals. 

Six successful CEOs and best-selling authors share their definition of success and open up the dialogue on how you can too.

Click here to watch a free online preview.   This attitude video DVD comes with a CD that contains a Powerpoint presentation, Leader’s guide and worksheet to help you jump start your trainings.  We also offer this meeting opener for online use. Please call us at (212) 721-0910 for more information.

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