Management Skills for the Entrepreneur & Change Catalyst

Yep. It can feel like this when you’re an entrepreneur or someone who is playing to win. Belly flops don’t stop you. They just make you smarter. entrepreneurship management elearning course to win

The success skills of entrepreneurs – influencing others, risking and making mistakes, bouncing back from setbacks, playing to win – are all skills any successful manager or executive wants to possess, whether or not s/he is running her own company. They are the skills of innovation and change that help you beat the competition and, if you’re lucky, set the rules of the game.

We’ve designed two video e-learning courses, sourcing video of great entrepreneurs and executive coaches, to help teach the learning concepts to make you bullet proof in today’s fast changing world. These are courses that can be used on their own or as part of a blended learning course. Either way, there are plenty of learning concepts to make you and your company more competitive.

  1. A six-module featuring Intel co-founder Andy Grove, Stephen Covey and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith. Here are some of the learning benefits of the course:
    • Effectively communicate and manage uncontrollable change
    • Make positive behavior change as a leader
    • Increase ability to spot opportunities and beat the competition
    • See a sample the course or register to see a full-fledged demo.
  2. A nine-module Entrepreneurship Management e-learning video course.  This course is focused on the management aspects of being an entrepreneur. You will learn to:
    • Expand your influence
    • How to sell to big companies
    • How to motivate dog-tired employees
    • Time management and stress reduction techniques
    • Watch a demo here.

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