What’s the Price You’re Willing to Pay for Success?

There is an obstacle standing between you and success. It’s placed directly between you and that which you most desire. If you cannot overcome this obstacle, you will never have what you want. It’s impossible. If you can overcome this obstacle, whatever you want will be yours.”               S. Anthony Iannarino

Got your attention? What’s the obstacle?The discipline and commitment for success

Iannarino, who writes a sales blog for managers, answers, “Acknowledge That You Are the Obstacle

He says that if we accept responsibility for our current situation, we can take action and make the change needed to create a new future. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 habits of Highly Effective People, and many other great leaders say the same thing.

Makes sense. Right?

Sure beats blaming others and wasting focus on what we cannot change and have no power to change.

It’s very empowering to know we have the power to change ourselves and increase our influence with others.

Start Paying the Price for Success

But, “success comes with a price tag”, Iannarino says. It’s like a down payment you make for future happiness.

In sales, the price you have to pay is, among other things, prospecting. In business-to-business sales, it is also reading and studying to obtain the business acumen that your client needs you to possess. That price is paid in nurturing relationships and paying in advance for your dream clients.

In management, the price of success may mean learning to lead your people—and the people above you. It may require that you pay the price and learn to change the behaviors that made you successful when you weren’t a manager. The price might be paid adopting new and uncomfortable behaviors.

So, what do you want to change? What is success to you?  And, what do you have to do to get from here to there?


That’s the nugget. Change in behavior, communication and taking action..to get from “here” to  “there.”  This is the price of admission to remove the obstacle standing between you and success.

Will you pay the price?

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