Risk. Is It in You?

The daily headlines show how business is rebounding, especially in the technology sector where innovation and change is constantly happening. This was the business report from the New York Times today: ” Dell jumped nearly 6 percent after the computer makerare you a risk taker? reported late Tuesday that its income nearly tripled on lower costs and better profit margins. Strong sales of servers, storage devices and computers to businesses also contributed to its results. Another tech company, Analog Devices, rose 5 percent after the chip-maker said its profit jumped 44 percent.”

“Strong sales, profits jump.” We might add, new companies emerging and growing strong. How did that happen? It’s not from cost cutting. Sure, anyone can find waste and cut costs as we did during the Great Recession but at a certain point, it’s innovation, risk, smart decision-making and taking advantage of opportunities that drive success.  

We all know that comes from leadership and letting peak performers take risks, try, sometimes fail, get smarter and keep trying. Fear that you’ll lose your job or that you’re on the outs because you swung at the bat and didn’t make a home run, will only lead to ducking and hiding and standing still or leaving the company so you can try…somewhere else. As Andy Grove the co-founder of Intel put it, “taking no risk IS taking a risk because every thing and everyone around you is changing.”

Managing change, communicating our vision and why change is important to our organization’s success, self-management to stop our own destructive behavior preventing us from moving to the next level, are all issues we face on our road to success. In fact, executive leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith says the successful people he has worked with relish change because they want to be their own change agents and improve. 

They know the payoff is success.

photo: derekfredrickson.com

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