Why Asking Why is So Important To Spotting Opportunity

Y is a crooked letter.

That’s what a dear friend’s mother used to tell him when she wasAsking questions and what ifs to innovate exhausted by all his questioning when he was a young boy.

At some point, he learned to obey his teachers, parents and bosses. Didn’t we all? We learned what would get us an “A”, whether that was on a test or more recently, in a job. 

But as we get older, we reach over to our “right brain”, the creative side.  We’re not so sure we want to follow someone else’s rules especially if it’s not making us happy. We’re realizing life is incredibly short.

Did you ever think that each of us, if we’re lucky enough to grow old, only have 75, 80,85 or 90 Holidays, New Years, Summers? That’s not a lot. 

And,  if you don’t think “outside the parameters,” meet new people, learn new information, ask questions, than it’s easy to get stale and live on remote control.

When organizations operate this way, it is the kiss of death – opportunities are missed, competition becomes fierce and consumers go elsewhere. Organizations get feedback with cold hard numbers; this forces them to change and look for new ideas.

When you watch this video of Chic Thompson of What a Great Idea, think about yourself and your organization and where your next great idea will come from.

We’re not so sure “Y” is a crooked letter. We do know that if you stand with your arms open and up like the letter “Y” and take deep breaths, it opens you up and boosts your self-confidence.

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