Why Develop a High Level of Courage?

by Sandra Ford Walston

Want to change your career? A critical shift in behavior occurs whenCourageous Behavior shifts a person develops a high level of courage consciousness. Why? Courage consciousness not only represents the crucial first step into an empowering, truth-based existence, it also opens the door to higher levels of consciousness and personal empowerment characterized by humility, grace, serenity, moderation and love.

When we respond to problems from the lower levels of consciousness—characterized by blame, anger, apathy, etc.—we invariably fail to address life situations in a manner that achieves a positive outcome. Even if we manage to face our problems, we find ourselves repeating the same patterns and stalling at the same obstacles (like a bad version of the movie Groundhog Day) until we respond from a higher level of consciousness.

Simply put, eliminating this form of StuckThinking™ requires the inspiration of “heart and spirit” courage. Regardless of your unique circumstances, personal courage elevates your consciousness into the realm of truth, enabling you to advance your life’s work.

Contemplate these questions:

•  How do you confront problems at work?

•  How frequently do you step out of your comfort zone?

•  Do you have the backbone for inviting change?

•  When was the last time you offered a new idea?

•  How engaged are you at work? (One hundred percent? Eighty percent? Forty percent?)

Answering these questions is your first step toward the courage consciousness that empowers you to conquer the unique set of challenges on your career path!

Overcoming Obstacles to Courage

To apply courage to the obstacles that hold you back on the job (like blame or apathy) requires self-realization. This is very different from self-help. Self-realization is nurtured through reflection and contemplation. You cannot slip sweetly into your true Self by attending a two-day conference. While a conference may be a good start, it will not change the habitual thought patterns, behaviors and attitudes that keep us stuck in dead-end jobs or unfulfilling careers. Wherever your habit of attention goes, your energy follows.

In FACE IT!, I wrote that this shift requires you to sharpen your intention and allow the power of your innate, heart-and-spirit courage to shape your experiences at work. Sanctioned by courage, you will not only obliterate the obstacles to your success, you will manifest the wholeness, happiness and self-confidence of courage-centered leadership.

Courage-centered leaders achieve unexpected results at work and in their lives because they consistently choose to illuminate this forgotten virtue. Manifesting this virtue creates a strong, virtuous organization because each person holds him or herself accountable for fulfilling the roles necessary to achieve the desired results. When this happens, doors open!

Sandra Walston

Sandra Ford Walston is known as The Courage Expert and innovator of StuckThinking™. She is an organizational effectiveness consultant, speaker, trainer and courage coach.

She is the internationally published author of bestsellerCOURAGE The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman (2001), the follow-up book STUCK 12 Steps Up the LeadershipLadder (2010) and the recently released FACE IT! 12 Obstacles that Hold You Back on the Job (2011). She is certified in the Enneagram and MBTI®. Watch YouTube:FACE IT!  | Twitter  | Facebook
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