10 Misconceptions about leadership training videos

Ever had to suffer through the grainy video or guy with the mustache from the 70s when you took a leadership development course? Leadership training videos can be schlocky, too long, have no credibility, on and on. Just like with any product, there are winnersdebunking ten myths of leadership training videos and losers. But, let’s assume you’ve found some good management training videos. You’re a believer because you know the value of video to engage and boost retention. But, someone on your team is hesitating.

We’ve compiled a list of mistakes in thinking or execution in the use of video in trainings.  We’re listing these not to criticize but to help other career development trainers and HR folks who have to decide the best way to train and develop their executives and peak performers.

1. Leadership videos take up too much time: One Fortune 500 director of training actually said this. If we’re under 40 and grew up watching online videos, he might not be engaging us. Videos can be short, 3 to 5 minutes in length, and ideal for backing up a learning concept in a highly visual, emotive way. They also can convey a complex thought or sensitive subject in a shorter amount of time than it takes for a trainer to explain or have participants read about.

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What does spaghetti have to do with engaging employees?

Stupidity is often described as trying to do the same thing over and over hoping for different results but getting the same results. It’s like pushing a string or a wet spaghetti noodle hoping it will become a straight line.

Why do we do that?

That’s the same with hiring/firing/re-hiring.  There are all sorts of HR stats and if you were a betting man or woman, you could almost predict the number of new employees that will blow out within six months to a year and a half.

  • A mid-level manager is expected to last 6.2 months, according to Michael Watkins, author of “The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels.

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