11 Trainer Turnoffs to Avoid

Do you remember “Sing along with Mitch?” Reading the words as he sang?

It’s not nearly as entertaining when a trainer reads the words on a Powerpoint to his or her class. Don’t do it!

That’s just one of the 11 Pet Peeves adult learners have with training facilitators.  In a witty post written by Michelle Baker, corporate learning and on boarding strategist at phase(two)learning, she outlines the eleven no no’s of facilitators.

Some of these you’d expect such as the trainer who doesn’t start or end on time. Or, the trainer who is unprepared or doesn’t manage unruly participants who “multi-task,” disturbing others in a training. Did we fail to mention the bookends: one is the trainer who looks as if he’s died because he doesn’t move from one spot for hours; the other shouts or talks too much about himself.

Here are some other trainer turn-offs:

The Know-it-All Trainer

“Knowledgeable” doesn’t mean “Know-it-All”.  Sure, you might have the answers the learners are seeking, but don’t talk down to your participants.  Often, turning a question back to the participants is a great method for overcoming or preventing this turnoff.

The trainer who over does silly games.

Keep games brief and relevant, so they are a compliment to your training. Remember you are training adults so “avoid games that are overly silly or childish.”

The trainer who crams too much content into the session.

Too much diverse information is hard to retain. Stick to the important learning points. We’d also add that if you’re teaching hard to visualize management or leadership skills, 2-5 minute leadership skills videos that show a particular skill can greatly reinforce retention of subject matter.

Did we miss any? Please let us know.

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