Breaking Out of the Expensive Formal Education Model

boosting retention through continuous learning online and with videosScary stat: we will forget 50% of what we’ve been told within an hour, unless we can quickly put what we’ve learned into practice…within that hour!

You can see what this means for learning.

According to Charles Jennings, former CLO of Thomson Reuters and a learning development consultant, we need to get more flexible on how we teach or train so that our students actually learn and retain their new knowledge. Jennings explains this incredibly well in this entertaining video:

There’s so much wisdom here but we really like the part about the managers being involved, not just HR. It’s the manager as a coach who can help employees learn new skills and give those skills context within the business goals. In fact, a studies show that the top skill of effective managers is the ability to coach their staff.

Jennings says it’s time to make it incredibly easy for people to learn whenever they need and want to learn and through the media or platform (cell phones, online, etc.) that suits them. Of course, we wouldn’t be Success Television if we didn’t like the fact that he particularly highlights the role of videos in learning. No surprise here. Videos are the greatest aid for retention on information. The Navy Dept. actually did a study and found videos boost retention from 50% with classroom instruction to as much as 90%. *

*People retain only 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, and 30% of what they see. When these senses are combined, however, retention takes a dramatic leap forward. Those same estimates say that when someone hears and sees, retention jumps to 50%. Delivering video online provides another benefit – interactivity and touch. Stimulating retention by combining interactivity has shown to increase retention to 70% and in some cases up to 90%. Source: US Naval Education & Training Command. Navy Instructor Manual. August 1992, p. 25.

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