Build a Team with Entrepreneurial Attributes

“In today’s fast-changing business environment, organizations tell us that their #1 goal is to improve their ‘business agility’ – their ability to understand market changes, rapidly adapt, and operate as a globally integrated business. How can your HR, learning, and leadership programs help make this happen?” Bersin Associates

We think an effective way to build agility is to create workforces that think like entrepreneurs. 

Want to create a workforce that thinks like the best entrepreneurs?Entrepreneurship Management E-Learning course with Steve Case  They take initiative, come up with solutions to problems, innovate and have a “can do” resilient positive attitude in the toughest of circumstances.  Our new E-learning course on Entrepreneurship is designed to empower the self-motivated who want to create the environment for teams to excel. That could be a small business owner to a leader of a division…an intrapreneur. 

Here are the ten learning modules designed for the time strapped. Take one module or as many as time permits. This course is also a great pre or post learning that can be combined with an in-classroom training.

  1. How to find great ideas that will help you beat the competition and innovate faster (Intel co-founder Andy Grove)
  2. Change a behavior that is holding you back or getting in the way of your company’s progress(Marshall Goldsmith)
  3. How to empower your team in good times and bad times(AOL co-founder Steve Case)
  4. How to sell to big companies
  5. How to get in the door to land a big sale
  6. How to influence people to raise money, hire top talent,etc.(Stephen Covey)
  7. How to create the right work environment to keep top talent
  8. How to communicate to build trust and confidence
  9. How to manage your time effectively
  10. Stress reduction techniques

Find out more here and see a demo of the module on Attitude>>

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