Build Your Own Video Training Library

It really is that easy. We’ve just added hundreds of new training videos and short video case-studies for trainers and educators to use to teach leadership skills, change management, HR skills, harassment  and more. Do you want to stream a video on your Learning Management System (LMS)? Do you need a video for your next PowerPoint presentation? Need a video file?

Online training videos

Here are a couple of examples of newly added videos:

*Ben & Jerry, Social Conscience and a Sense of Humor in Business.  A case-study on innovation with the creators of that wonderful chunky ice-cream. They made their business fit their values of community involvement, empowering employees and protecting the environment.

* Do It Right! with Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach. This best-selling program is the perfect vehicle to instill the spirit of teamwork, commitment to excellence, loyalty to the organization, and personal dedication to success.

*The Uh-Oh Syndrome: from Intolerance to Inclusion Dr. Steve Robbins explains that while certain cultural and neurobiological forces compel us to be closed-minded towards anything new or different, we have it in our power to overcome these influences so that we can comfortably entertain new ideas and be more accepting of those who differ from us.

Create your own video training library. Save more with bundles of 5 videos or more. Just click on a video to preview it. You can purchase online or call (888) 380-5491 and we can curate videos , send you video previews and make recommendations based on your learning needs.


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