Business Training Video Library for a Time Pressed Audience

Most likely you’re training young folks and you want to engage them in the important interpersonal skills you’re teaching. Or, you’ve got a group of managers who are hard-pressed to give you their time. They think they have more important things to do like ramp up productivity, hire and build a crack team, beat the competition.

Just in Time Access to Success Television’s Video LibraryOnline training videos

Find just about any video you need on customer service, leadership skills, positive attitude and more. Use Success Television’s video of world-class leaders and coaches such as Marshall Goldsmith to engage and support your training concepts. Your participants will enjoy the videos (2-5 minutes each) or longer trainings if you want. The videos will boost their retention of your learning concepts.

Thousands of video trainings let you show a particular skill. If you’re talking about risk, why not show Richard Branson or polar explorer Ernest Shackleton? If you’re wanting to motivate and increase self-awareness, why not show a video of Stephen Covey, the author of the perennial best-seller “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Read how one L&D professional used a video training to break the ice and get the collaboration going across five generations in the workplace >>

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