Emotions, the powerful leadership motivator

We’re human. We like it when we receive a compliment or when someone notices something about us that we value. It naturally opens us up and motivates us to do more.

Feelings, the powerful leadership motivatorEmotions and their positive role in career development

Can you remember when a previous boss or colleague acknowledged you for a trait you value in yourself? How did that make you feel? Were you shocked that s/he knew enough about you and cared enough to know what you specifically value in yourself? How motivated were you at work after that? 

You might value your ability to take educated risks and be courageous in the face of failure. You might be a “Maven” as Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Tipping Point, where having knowledge and being informed is most important to you.

Here’s how you can appeal to individual team members and their values >>  

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The Definition of Success and Goals

“I’d define success as the progressive realization of worthy goals. It’s the ability to have love and compassion and the ability to get in touch with your own creativity. If you define success purely in material terms, yes, it’s an overrated value.” Deepak Chopra on Fins, a career resource site.

Chopra’s definition of success appeals to our internal motivators and how we knowusing employee motivation and strengths to succeed we’re succeeding. It isn’t about the things we buy or the assets we own. Those are byproducts.  Success motivators are what make each of us, as part of a team, want to work the extra hours. We feel valued and are working toward a worthy goal..and we see our progress.  Read more>>

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