Empowered Leaders Who Ask for Help

by Karlin Sloan

We think of leaders as take-charge people who can handle difficulthow to effectively lead and delegate tasks with grace and determination and who are capable of juggling several tasks at once. Of course this is right – to a point. No one is perfect – and you shouldn’t try to be! The best leaders know when it’s time to ask for help and rather than feeling ashamed, they become empowered.

Here are a few instances when it’s more than OK to ask someone for help.

Organizing your office – Ask an assistant to help if you’re drowning in paperwork and can’t find your iPad under all those files. It’s perfectly OK, and it frees you and lessens some stress so you can focus on other tasks.

Dealing with a problem employee – You may not have all the answers, and at times the way to approach an employee who has been underperforming or acting out might require some outside advice. Ask a coworker you trust, bounce your ideas off of them – it might just help you in the end.

Fixing something broken/Finding something lost – Just like organizing your office, save yourself some time and ask for help in these situations!

Talking through a problem – Whether it’s that problem employee or a concern you have with an order from above, it’s good to take some time so discuss your concerns. It might just help you actually clarify what you’re really feeling about the situation.

It’s Ok to make sure something simple is off your plate. Too often pride or stubbornness gets in the way of our ability to accept help. So, the next time someone offers to help you with something, be honest with yourself and determine whether you really could use it. If by accepting help, you can do a better job, then, by all means, accept the help and don’t forget to say: “Thank you.”

Karlin SloanFor more on how asking for help can help you develop your resilience, check out Lemonade: The Leaders Guide to Resilience at Work, available at www.theresilienceproject.net.

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