How Good People Skills Boost Business Performance

Here are some great stats on how engaged employees fuel an organization’s business performance:

  • Companies with strong talent practices outperformed their peer group, earning 22% higher shareholder returns. (McKinsey)
  • Good people practices can increase a company’s value by as much as 30%. (Watson Wyatt)

Motivating and engaging a workforce takes all kinds of skills. It involves authentic connection andwho's responsible for employee engagement? acknowledgment. Here are some thoughts from guest leadership authors on who’s responsible for employee engagement and how to give effective positive recognition.

Employee Engagement Approach Today Breeds Stagnation

by Tim Clark

The philosopher, Isaiah Berlin, noted that humans tend to seek “a state of well-ordered, painless, contented, self-perpetuating equilibrium.” Humans also want to be anxiously engaged in their organizations. They want to make a difference.

There’s the dilemma.

Who owns employee engagement? Many organizations have become contaminated with a patently false concept of employee engagement that puts the primary burden on the organization. Read more

Positive Recognition Simple But Effective Tips

by Marshall Goldsmith

One of my clients taught me a simple, yet effective system for getting better at providing positive recognition. The first year I reviewed this executive’s 360-degree feedback report (feedback from his direct reports and co-workers), he scored in the sixth percentile for providing recognition (in other words — 94% of the people in his company were seen as being more effective at this than he was). Within one year, he had moved all the way up to the 94th percentile for providing recognition (now — in a complete reversal — only 6% were seen as scoring higher than he did).

Given this dramatic turnaround in scores I asked, “Please let me know what you did differently. Whatever it was, it worked. I would like to share it with all the people I teach.”

His answer provided a road-map that I have never seen fail. >>

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