How to Leverage Short Videos in Your Business

You have a presentation. You want to engage and, ideally, wow your audience!  You definitely want your managers or employees to learn and apply what they’ve learned to their jobs.  What better way to reinforce your point than with learning videos.

Short video embedded into PowerPoint

We have over one thousand videos. Many of them are short. All of them can be embedded into your PowerPoint presentations. You can offer self-learning, blended learning, e-learning and easily track participation.

We’ve been busy adding just about every conceivable video training to our online video trainings: harassment, customer service, time management,etc.   Not only will you have the option to embed videos, but you’ll have the option of using our simple to use LMS system to track participation.

Pricing flexibility…like Netflix!

The pricing is designed for maximum flexibility, whether you’re training a small group or a large company. You can order 1, 5 , many videos as you want. You can trade out your videos monthly. Purchase a 5 pack and you can get as many as 60 different titles over the course of one year!  Buying DVDs, this would cost you as much as $50,000 or more!  A 5 Pack is only $1,923.  Small company? We have options for you as well starting at $295!

Check out our new videos or Contact us  or call (888) 380-5491 with any questions.

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