Data to Combat “Aint Got No Respect” in HR

5 Ways to Measure ROI in Human Resources

A department of eight HR employees charted out the steps they took in their hiring process. They found that they took 248 steps to hire an employee. Analyzing the steps, they determined that many of them could be discarded or consolidated. Weeks later, they had eliminated half the steps but the process still took the same amount of time. They discovered that they had an empowerment problem.

Are you measuring the right data? Will the data you collect help youHR data that helps business performance to hire better? Increase productivity? Create better management practices? Or, will it cause more problems from drawing the wrong conclusions?

Here are five ways to make sure the data you’re getting is actionable. Read more here>>


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Why is HR Hated?

Human Resources, by its very name conjures up thoughts of talent,
possibility, abundance and valued resources. Yet, often HR gets no respect (to coin a Rodney Dangerfield line).  It’s that quiet group that you meet when you first get a job and when you leave.  They represent the buffer between management and employees and are often in the unfortunate role of firing or carrying out difficult personnel policies. They’re told to understand the business, but often don’t yield the power to execute on it.

So, the question was posed on LinkedIn: Why is HR hated?  There were great responses from HR executives, coaches and owners of businesses. Read more here >>


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