Increase Your Leadership Skills with Video

Happy New Year! Here’s a short video clip from our Effective Leadership Skills DVD training with Marshall Goldsmith. In the video, Marshall talks about why successful people embrace change in themselves. 

Teaching managers how to be effective coaches training video DVDFeature Video Training: For those of you with managers needing to learn how to become coaches that empower their teams, the popularPractical Coach Video Training provides learning concepts and scenarios that teach:

  • how to get good work repeated,
  • correct poor work in a positive way,
  • communicate with employees about sensitive issues like poor personal habits, and
  • how to turn a dead-end performance around.

If you need to teach leaders more effective ways to manage change and lead their teams, we have a variety of short videos featuring real world leaders on a DVD or for streaming. Just call 888-380-5491 or email us with your training needs. We have access to hundreds of video trainings in just about any format you need.

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