Leadership Skills for Managers

We’re often asked how to train managers to become leaders. Usually what is behind this request is the need to get managers to motivate their team to excel at reaching goals. However, the sad truth is that often star employees who have excelled because of their individual performance have been promoted into management only to flounder.Training managers in leadership skills

They have not yet learned how to move from “I” to “We”, as former NBA star and N.J. Senator Bill Bradley says in The Wisdom of Teams DVD/video training.  Managers not only need to do this themselves but instill that behavior in their team. That means that the person who was just promoted into becoming a manager might have to be tough or candid with a colleague that used to be a co-worker so s/he doesn’t derail the team with a bad attitude or sloppy work.

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Sports fans, listen up. Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith who coaches Fortune 500 CEOs and their teams on leadership skills has advice for former and current coaches of the NY Yankees. Think filling big shoes, bad bosses and proving yourself.  Yes, just like you leaders have to do everyday:

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  2. Advice for Joe Girardi
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