Leadership Training Videos Support Short Training Modules

Most likely, your managers and peak performers are too busy or distracted to sit in a classroom training.  Still, they need to learn leadership and team building skills which are vital to an organization’s growth. Leadership training videos in micro courses

Enter short leadership training videos. They can boost a blended learning program with videos of great leaders showing a particular leadership skill. We call them bite-sized or “micro” business training that are under 20 minutes.

Business Training Videos in Micro Courses

Want a manager or executive to learn effective communication skills, how to motivate a team or how to give feedback? Business training videos along with quizzes and a case-study can reinforce a learning concept in under 20 minutes. The added advantage is that participants can watch these leadership training videos and modules during a break or when they’re traveling or at home.  Then, they can reinforce what they’ve learned in a traditional classroom training.

How businesses are deploying business training videos

Corporations and universities are using short leadership training videos in their online courses, in classroom training, as an after work assignment or in a series of webinars or even as a replacement to traditional in classroom training or online business training courses.

Some of the advantages of business training bursts with leadership training videos is that they can be accessed anywhere. Think of your sales guy on the road who has a layover or flight delay. S/he can watch business training videos on his or her phone or computer.  These business training bursts are designed so that you can take them in any order, each business training video burst is a “micro” course. Organizations save lots of money they don’t have to spend on in person classroom training: travel, facility costs, food, printed workbooks, etc.  Plus, they can use the business training videos to freshen up other critical skills trainings.

Managers and employees, who are too busy for long training sessions, can pop in and watch short micro leadership training videos whenever it is convenient and gain just-in-time learning.

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