Leveraging Diversity the Achilles Heel of Business

Workplace diversity is usually touted as a great way to innovate, gain multiple perspective and compete. Yet, in practically every industry and around the world, it is a sorely underutilized strength.

According to 1,000 corporate directors, their companies are failing at effectively managing talent. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they rated their companies’ abilities to “leverage diversity” almost non-existent!  The survey was published in the Harvard Business Review.

Concerns about talent management  surpassed concerns over innovation, debt, technology, risk management, even competition.


This isn’t just a U.S. problem. Apparently, this is a worldwide problem.

How would your Board rank your company’s talent management effectiveness? Do you even know? While the answer might be harsh, the good news is that this is a golden opportunity to benefit from leveraging diversity. There’s a lot of upside. Now, that’s a silver lining.

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