[New Videos] on What Your Employees Really Think of You

Ears burning?

Don’t care? Or, you might not even know how they feel because they’re hiding it from you. But, when they walk out the door or slack off because they’re mad or discouraged, it starts to get time-consuming and costly for companies.

Before that happens, here’s a video on Leadership Feedback with scenarios showing how bosses unwittingly destroy morale and how you can avoid making those mistakes:
So, what do your employees really think?

We’ve also heard of bias in the workplace. Silicon Valley has a rampant problem with this especially if you’re not a white or Asian male.   Here’s a new video training on bias — those beliefs we have that we might not even be aware of that makes us discriminate against others.

This video training is really important because it’s a silent killer of a business and creates the “just like me” scenario.  Clones in the workplace with huge blind spots because everyone thinks alike.

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