Protecting and Managing Your Most Precious Asset

strategizing and protecting your timeThere’s probably nothing more valuable than time. We’re given a set amount of “pieces” or tools that we can use to accomplish goals. The one limiting factor will be time.  

Our goal could be to create a loving family, build a fast growth business, career success or to develop other people.  Time is the resource or tool, if used wisely, that can propel you to reach your goals, personally and professionally. Or, it can work against you as the unimportant and urgent  overwhelm your life and zap your energy.

So, with that in mind. How do we savor and use our most precious asset to create, produce and reach our goals? Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, told the Wall Street Journal, he actually “allocates” or budgets his time much like you would do with your financial resources. He allocates time he can spend on his top priorities: time with his young children, customers, partners, one on one meetings with top executives, vacations. He creates a roadmap based on expectations, what he’s done in the past and, moreso, on what he wants to accomplish in the future.

What’s fascinating about his approach is that it involves planning. For instance, he knows he’s going to be traveling about 90 days a year (25% of the year) so he wants to make sure to spend enough time with his children when he’s home. He knows he’s going to need to meet executives for one on one leadership reviews…or spend time researching or exploring new ideas that lead to innovation.

While this can sound like one more ‘to do’ to add to your already maxed out schedule. Think about this as a time-protection strategy. It forces you to estimate and budget along your priorities and goals. That way you can protect your time from the daily intrusions or time wasters that derail your ultimate goals.

Food for thought.

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