Richard Branson Key Leadership Skills Video

Have you ever noticed how large companies will often describe “entrepreneurial experience” as a key desired trait for future employees. No wonder. It takes a certain steely resolve and “do whatever it takes” attitude to be an entrepreneur. Large companies are hoping to harness that energy to innovate and create new products and services. They want the decision-making and educated risk-taking needed to make change happen as well as the resilience to self-manage setbacks.Richard Branson example of good leadership skills

Probably one of the most fascinating great entrepreneurs is Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin. He seems to be popping up everywhere.  We can’t get enough of this entrepreneur billionaire who seems to be so down to earth and fun. Forbes recently ran an article on its favorite eleven quotes of Richard Branson. Here are a few:

“Some 80% of your life is spent working. You want to have fun at home; why shouldn’t you have fun at work?”

“A company is people … employees want to know… am I being listened to or am I a cog in the wheel? People really need to feel wanted.”

 “Engage your emotions at work.  Your instincts and emotions are there to help you.”

“You can never go too far wrong by thinking like a customer who’s new to the business.”

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.”

Forbes favorite: “Screw it, let’s just do it.”

Branson is not just inspiring, he is a fountain of wisdom for key leadership skills. He’s had to grow and lead over 300 disparate companies underneath the Virgin brand; some have failed and some have succeed. But, Branson believes in failing fast, dusting yourself off, learning, getting smarter and trying a new idea. Branson who is featured in our Key Leadership Skills Video Training says he encourages that attitude among his employees:

I’m just living my life and enjoying learning. And the best way I find I can learn is by learning about every aspect of life. And, the way to learn about every aspect of life is to challenge people in lots of different sectors of life.

There are 8 other entrepreneurs or leaders featured in the Key Leadership Video Training/Library. The reason this is called a “library” is that trainers can choose among the 9 featured leaders to focus and train a particular leadership skill. The leadership lessons are classic and brought to life with short 2-3 minute videos. We would hope that every manager has the opportunity to learn these skills. After all, there isn’t a more important resource than the talent and careers they have the opportunity to develop.

One final note. We agree with Forbes on our favorite Branson quote: “Screw it, let’s just do it!”

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