Self Management Skills for Frustrated Bosses

Have you ever worked for a screamer? The kind of boss that makesManagement training for the boss you cringe and want to hide. The sheer velocity freezes you, making you immobile to accomplish what he is so frustrated that you haven’t accomplished?  Recently, the WSJ recently wrote about how this behavior kills productivity:

“Verbal aggression tends to impair victims’ working memory, reducing their ability to understand instructions and perform such basic tasks as operating a computer, according to several studies of cell phone company employees and engineering students published earlier this year in the Journal of Applied Psychology”

Dennis Conner who won the America’s Cup four times and knows a lot about operating under stress says a screamer can wind up making the performance of his team worst and blow the commitment of the team. He explains this in the Wisdom of Teams video training.

Then there’s the passive-aggressive boss.  S/he doesn’t tell you what you’re doing wrong. You don’t know what to fix. If it keeps going this way, the likelihood of a pink slip increases.

According to the comments to the WSJ story, “Dealing with a Boss Who Yells”, more people rather work for the screamer because they will at least know what to fix!

Neither scenario is good.

Both scenarios call for some serious management training. How can a manager learn to self-manage his/her frustration? How do they communicate sensitive issues to their team? How do they build a cohesive, collaborative team? Here are some video trainings that can help:

  • We’re in the Band: uses entertainment to show how we’re all in it together.
  • Practical Coach: great scenarios to teach managers how to communicate sensitive information and effectively produce good employee behavior.
  • Marshall Goldsmith Effective Leadership Skills: Managers learn self-awareness and how to self-manage through this humorous and effective coaching video.
  • Got your own management training?  Use our short video clips in our business training video library to reinforce your learning concepts, available online on DVD or as individual video files.  Call us to learn more: (888) 380-5491.
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