Seven Negative Patterns that Derail Your Business

by Judith E. Glaser

As you read the following seven I-centric habit patterns, identify ones that do not serve your organization and see them as opportunities to develop WE-centric patterns. Monitor your impact. Notice how, by shifting to WE-centric patterns, you increase positive energy, focus your colleagues on creating the future, and enable greater leadership behaviors in everyone.managing conflict at work

  1. So, I’m the boss:
  • Fear of giving up power and control; believe you need to tell people what to do.
    Impact: You do it all; limit others accountability; fail to access organizational genius.
  1. I’ve got a case on you:
  • Blame others for making mistakes; build cases and play off weaknesses; be judgmental. Impact: Holding grudges; resting on your laurels, limiting growth; negative workplace culture.
  1. Giving up, giving in:
  • Fear of the future; resigned to less than what you want; bailing out; hopeless; loss of will. Impact: Stagnation, loss of will, dissatisfaction, and frustration.
  1. Hanging on for dear life:
  • Fear of sharing; holding on to knowledge and past successes; carrying baggage. Impact: Destroys relationships; limits potential; limits personal power.
  1. Know it all:
  • Have all the answers; don’t listen to others’ over confidence and hubris. Impact: Assumptions and inferences; closed-down space.
  1. I lost my voice!
  • Accept authority; follow Groupthink and status quo; unwilling to rock the boat; unsure of own voice. Impact: Mediocrity; loss of insight and inspiration.
  1. Taking it to heart:
  • Taking others’ points of view to heart; loss of trust in instincts; negative self-talk.  Impact: Loss of spirit and self-esteem; stop engaging.

How are you showing up at work? Audit yourself to detect negative habit patterns that may be standing in the way of creating a culture that encourages mutual trust, accountability and co-creation. If you’re not creating a culture that encourages WE-centric behaviors, what can you do differently – starting today?

Judith E. GlaserJudith E. Glaser is CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc. and Chairman of The Creating WE Institute. She is an Organizational Anthropologist, and consults to Fortune 500 Companies. Judith is the author of 4 best-selling business books, including her newest, Conversational Intelligence. Follow her @CreatingWe  or connect with her on Facebook.

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