The Leadership Test, Will You Pass?

The Leadership Test book

Listen to the audio of the first chapter.

Dr. Timothy Clark’s new book,The Leadership Test: Will You Pass?” is being used throughout corporate America as a guide for understanding the foundation principles of leadership. This book is the “Who Moved My Cheese” for learning and developing leadership skills.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what they’re saying on Amazon:

“An insightful and engaging story about the essence of leadership. Izzy Kroll, a brilliant eccentric teaches high school in a tough section of Chicago. The story unfolds as Izzy mentors his former student, Marcus, in the first lessons of leadership, helping him navigate through the real world of egos, agendas, and ethical dilemmas.

A call to action for all leaders, this book is a quick and powerful read that will motivate you to reflect on your intent and influence as a leader. The book includes a self-assessment based on the five elements of the leadership test:

     1. Fill Your Pack.
     2. Sign Your Name.
     3. Share the Stage.
     4. Take the Oath.
     5. Pour Your Cup.

‘The book stopped me in my tracks. In a word, it’s brilliant.’ Britt Berrett, CEO, Medical City Dallas Hospital.

‘An instant classic.’ Glenda Shelby, VP of Diversity, Accor Hospitality.

‘This book should be required reading for anyone interested in leadership.’ LaVell Edwards, Hall of Fame Football Coach.

‘A high impact experience. Simple, elegant, and profound.’ Christopher Germann, Vice President, Gartner, Inc.

‘Masterfully defines the fundamentals of leadership.’ James Larson, United Airlines.

‘A wake up call for many leaders and a handbook for those of us preparing to move into positions of leadership.’ Benjamin Bloomfield, graduate student, University of Virginia.

‘Dr. Clark does a brilliant job of bringing us back to basics. This book will be required reading in my company.’ Wesley Bull, President, Sentinel Training & Logistics, LLC. ”

After earning a triple degree and first-team Academic All-America honors as a football player at Brigham Young University, Dr. Clark worked for what is now Harris Interactive and then went back to school with a plan to teach. He completed a doctorate from Oxford University and was a Fulbright and British Research Scholar. He served as CEO of two consulting organizations before founding TRClark Partners LLC. He advises, trains and speaks to leaders and organizations in industry, government, healthcare, education, and the non-profit sector.

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