The ROI of Training Managers to Become Leaders

We’re often asked how to train managers to become leaders. Usuallythe roi of training managers to become leaders what is behind this request is the need to get managers to make good decisions and inspire their team. However, the sad truth is that often star employees who have excelled because of their individual performance have been promoted into management only to flounder.

They have not yet learned how to move from “I” to “We”, as former NBA star and N.J. Senator Bill Bradley says in The Wisdom of Teams video training.  Managers not only need to do this themselves but instill that behavior in their team. That means that the person who was just promoted into becoming a manager might have to be tough or candid with a colleague that used to be a co-worker so s/he doesn’t derail the team with a bad attitude or sloppy work.

By definition being a manager requires self-awareness and the ability to coach and mentor teams to execute on a process to reach a goal. Sure, they’re not setting strategy for the overall business or articulating a vision that would qualify them to be a “leader” but good managers are creating a vision that empowers their teams.  In fact, good managers develop their leadership skills using effective communication skills that empower employees. 

If you’ve worked for a good manager, you know what this means.

In fact, the direct supervisor or manager has the biggest influence on engagement. Employees of a disengaged, inept manager are four times as likely to become disengaged and more likely to bolt. 

Fix the manager and you fix morale among a lot of folks that cost a lot of money to hire and train. Small investment for a big ROI. Right?

Photo:Royal New Zealand Navy

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