To Engage You Want to Train Like a TV Broadcaster

In the world of television news, pacing is the holy grail for keeping the audience’sUsing corporate training videos in a lecture attention. Changing camera angles, videos, graphics are just as important as text and the anchorman or woman. To make a broadcast memorable and engaging, you’ll notice how you might be watching the anchorman and then quickly, the broadcast shows a video that reinforces what he just said. Next comes a graphic or some image that helps the viewer further understand the news.

Trainers who understand the need for pacing by providing alternative voice or video, engaging graphics, and asking questions will engage more highly with their students. Think about it. How much would you want to watch your favorite anchorman or woman talk for half an hour without videos or engaging graphics?

Some trainers feel pressure that they have too little time in which to teach multiple learning concepts. They think corporate training videos take up too much of their class time.  What they don’t realize is that short 3-5 minute training videos can back up their training points and actually save them time from re-explaining or teaching through repetition.

For example, let’s say you’re teaching about personal responsibility and positive attitude in the workplace. Lecturing about the role of choice in creating success is one thing and quite another if you have Stephen Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” back you up.  The likelihood of your point being remembered is much higher with the use of video.

You might want to be careful of using free YouTube videos. Most of the time they have adverstising that you can’t control.  An HR executive at a Fortune 500 company took that risk and told us of a nightmare scenario where she was training with YouTube videos when all of a sudden another, let’s just say, less savory video showed up.  Talk about breaking the momentum of a training. What do you think participants remembered?

Unless you are offered a safe environment in which to show your videos, “free” can undermine your training efforts.

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