Turn Managers into Empowering Coaches

Did you know that employees who work for a dis-engaged manager are four times as likely to be dis-engaged?  We already have a workforce where as much as 75% of the workforce is dis-engaged.  On top of that, DDI, a talent management strategy firm, studied nearly 15-thousand leaders and HR executives in 74 countries and gave their leaders a failing grade in five of the most critical skills as a leader.  One of those key skills is the ability to coach or develop employee skills.Jack Welch video

Jack Welch, love him or hate him, is arguably one of the best business leaders of the 20th century. He said he spent 55 percent of his time on HR issues. No wonder. He had to work through people to make G.E. successful.  Same goes for a manager with his or her team. S/he can’t do it herself.

But, encouraging, correcting and challenging a team can be tricky.

Here are three DVD video trainings that are designed to help managers be more effective coaches:

  1. The Practical Coach is a DVD/video training  helps managers learn to handle the difficult, sensitive conversations they must have to turn around  under-performers and motivate peak performers. Sometimes being a good coach is as simple as noticing how your team is performing, and then letting them know you notice. In other words… coaching is the process of letting people know that what they do matters to you. Do you praise good work? Do you notice when an employee goes beyond his or her responsibilities to make your organization succeed?  Do you tell them? Do you know how to have those difficult conversations to turn around under performers?
  2. For senior managers, our clients use Marshall Goldsmith’s Effective Leadership Skills DVD training. It teaches how to give feedback and how managers can avoid behavior traps that derail the motivation of their team.
  3. Wisdom of Teams DVD training is all about communicating and guiding your team. It features six great leaders who show how they built and managed great teams.

Managers can use these video trainings as a guide for using good judgment and communication skills to give feedback and empower each member of the team.

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