What to do about Delusional Decision-Making and Bad Behavior

Success Television email 5.6.2012

  • How we can delude ourselves from effective decision-making
  • 25% off popular business training DVDs
  • Leadership lessons from a POW
  • Consumer Engagement trends in health care

It’s the weekend so do this for fun. Just watch the first 40 seconds ONLY! of this video then stop it.Later on, you can watch the rest of the video but first you want to have followed the instructions in the first 40 seconds and have an answer. (There’s a great payoff to this if you’ve never seen the whole video.)


  1. How many times was the ball passed by people wearing white shirts?
  2. Did you see a gorilla? Don’t go back and look – just answer yes or no.

Read more about how this relates to our ability to make good decisions.>> It’s guaranteed to get you thinking!

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It’s not a stretch to conclude that dishonorable behavior is epidemic–you can see it, hear it, and almost taste it in the air.

But, the stark reality is that we all live only one or two choices away from similar bad behavior. Human beings are dynamic, living, vibrant, strong and resilient, but we are also frail in terms of will power to resist the temptations of the moment. So how can we avoid the pitfalls of exhibiting bad behavior like John Edwards, the Secret Service and cheating teachers? Read more about how a former POW and author says we can avoid our own shocking examples of behavior in business and in life >>

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