How Are You Managing Video Viewing at Work?

Managing Video Viewing in the workplaceResearch firm Harris Interactive asked over 200 workers at different companies what kinds of videos they watched at work. The employees said they spent about 18 minutes a week watching video. About a third of that time was spent watching a live business-related event. That was closely followed by a live newscasts than TV shows and movies!

IT Business Edge, which published the research wrote:

“There’s no doubt that video is the fastest rising class of traffic on the Internet. What is in doubt is the business value of all that traffic. Video traffic consumes a huge amount of bandwidth that can significantly affect the performance of corporate applications all across the network.

As the average person becomes more exposed to video on the Internet, the percentage of non-business related video on the corporate network is only going to increase, thereby creating a significant issue for both the internal IT department and the folks in human resources.”

HR departments need to be proactive about this. Business training videos on leadership skills, team building, attitude and managing change, not to mention effective communication skills are sorely needed to jazz up and back up the points trainers are making. As more people become acclimated to watching videos, they’ll want to see videos in their courses instead of a sole trainer who provides the only form of engagement. In fact, the Department of the Navy says that people retain more information when videos are used in a training. Retention rates increase from 30-50 percent to 70 to 90 percent when videos are shown in a training.

Now that the genie is out of the bottle with rising video demand at work, what efforts are you doing to manage the cost in employee productivity and IT costs? Are you restricting Internet access to various websites? What are you doing to protect your ability to use one of the most engaging training tools available?

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