Online Corporate Training to Effectively Manage Change

There are so many forces of change we can’t control: the ups and downs of the economy and the stock market, competition, a merger, layoffs, technology, etc. You name it, it’s coming at you and your organization all the time. The important fact to remember is that your organization’s response to the change is what will make you and your organization succeed.

We’ve created a new corporate video training  online featuring successful leaders who talk about how they communicate and manage change with their teams, good and bad. The videos also explore self-management skills to actually use change to achieve goals.  An interactive quiz helps participants to think through how they will better communicate and react to change.

Corporate training video elearning on managing change

Most people opt for what looks safe and refuse to take a risk when they are faced with a change they don’t understand.  Worse, high performers may feel slighted and want to leave because they don’t understand where they fit in or they simply weren’t communicated with and felt included in how to respond to the change.

At a time when the economy is strengthening, organizations need to innovate.  You don’t want your managers and employees frozen in their decision-making as they face change. Uncertainty about a change can lead to paralysis out of fear and lost productivity. The Change Management Video Training can help speed communication and effectively manage change in your organization.

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