The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

by Helen Whelan

Difference between a boss and a leader

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Here’s a question.  If you could earn 10% more than what you earn now but had to work for the boss described on the left, would you?  Or, would you want to work for the leader on the right even though you’d only get a 5% increase?

OK. There’s no way I know your personal situation but just feel which decision you’d want to make.

People go to work and face these types of choices everyday. The boss on the left motivates by authority, fear, blame, control. S/he has the title and you “obey” because your paycheck is at stake, until you leave.

Yet, when you’re fortunate to answer to a leader, you relish “the opportunity”. It’s the difference between external motivation and internal motivation. S/he taps into your passion and gains your personal commitment. You know s/he cares because s/he notices how you’re performing, asks questions, listens, and helps develop your career.

Don’t you wish bosses could see what we see? See our choices of whose vision we’d work overtime to build..or not?

Often new managers or supervisors are promoted into their roles with little or no management training. They assume that if they got a promotion, their behavior is good enough. Or, they just simply aren’t self-aware. That takes a willingness to take yourself on and be vulnerable.

So, what about you? Who would you rather be, a boss or a leader? Would you be willing to do what it takes to lead?

Helen Whelan is the founder of Success Television, a leadership development media company. She is a passionate advocate of using media to empower people in their journey of personal and professional growth . You can follow her on Twitter @SuccessTV.

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