Survival of Future Leaders and Companies

By Tom “TK” Kuegler 

I have had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of high school andHow Sales makes entrepreneurs successful college students about entrepreneurship.   I make a point of going into classrooms and back to schools so I can share some of my limited knowledge with our country’s future leaders. (By the way, what I’m about to say can also apply to anyone in transition or looking for a career change.)

One thing always stands out in my brain: no one dreams of growing up to be a sales guy/gal.

I understand that being a salesperson may not sound glamorous, but there are three things to know:

  1. In a down economy, sales reps are always the one group of people who can always get a new job.
  2. No one at any company I have ever been involved with makes more money than the best sales person.
  3. Nothing happens until somebody sells something.

The next time you are thinking about your future or trying to build a new company, remember that sales is the only job that really matters.

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TK Kuegler is the co-founder and general partner of Wasabi Ventures, a venture capital, incubator, and consulting firm that specializes in building and advising early stage technology companies.

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