Toxic Bosses: Can You Change Their Behavior?

Ever worked for a screamer? How about a passive-aggressive typeLeadership video training elearning onboarding or one that just hid in his/her office? Or, the high individual performer who kills the motivation of a team?  

Robert Whipple, the CEO of Leadergrow which is a leadership development firm, recently raised the issue of what to do about toxic bosses:

It is difficult and dangerous to retrofit your boss to be less toxic. My favorite saying for this situation is, “Never wrestle a pig. You get all muddy and the pig loves it.”

But what if the “toxic boss” actually works for you or is a high performing manager with the results to match? Here are six solutions Whipple recommends:

1. Have “lunch and learn” sessions that include all leaders where leadership books are reviewed.
2. Discuss the trust level in the organization and identify improvements.
3. Show data on the productivity benefit that can be gained by improving trust.
4. Bring in a speaker or coach to help improve behaviors.
5. Get some formal training for the toxic leader and other leaders as well.
6. Reinforce any behavior you see that is directionally in the right direction

Probably the best way to change behavior is for that person to know what the payoff will be personally and for the organization and then how to actually change his or her behavior. Reading leadership books is great but actual leadership and management video training can show good leadership skills, especially when you have real world leaders who have experienced similar stress and faced change. They reinforce your business values in a non-threatening way. Videos are also an emotive medium so the information is easier to remember, boosting retention of key learning concepts. 

Check out our latest 5 module Effective Leadership Skills E Learning course that is SCORM compliant. Five famous great leaders are profiled and share their leadership skills. This can be used as part of a pre or post training. Plus, your managers can take this training at a time convenient to them.

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