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Solve Three Major Pain Points that Derail Productivity

“Back-timing” is a phrase often used by TV producers. They look at how much time they have to fill and then subtract” the various elements they want in a show.  What does this have to do with effective leadership or … Continue reading

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How False Assumptions Wastes Good Talent

Generalizations can save us a lot of time. It’s what our brain does to organize our world and help us make quick decisions. But, do you ever think how false assumptions can obscure great opportunities and waste a lot of … Continue reading

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Three Twitter Tips for HR Personal Development

As learning and development practitioners, we are expected to develop others in our organizations. But so often, our own professional development is put aside – whether due to time, thin resources or budget constraints. Twitter can help you overcome these three challenges, … Continue reading

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Is Yahoo Showing Ineffective Leadership by Banning Telecommuting?

Yahoo!’s recent announcement to ban telecommuting raises issues around good management skills, technology use, employee motivation and productivity. Some would argue that a ban on telecommuting (Richard Branson for one) is going backwards to a time where employees need to be micro-managed … Continue reading

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Positive Recognition Simple But Effective Tips

by Marshall Goldsmith One of my clients taught me a simple, yet effective system for getting better at providing positive recognition. The first year I reviewed this executive’s 360-degree feedback report (feedback from his direct reports and co-workers), he scored … Continue reading

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Protecting and Managing Your Most Precious Asset

There’s probably nothing more valuable than time. We’re given a set amount of “pieces” or tools that we can use to accomplish goals. The one limiting factor will be time.   Our goal could be to create a loving family, build a fast growth … Continue reading

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How Are You Managing Video Viewing at Work?

Research firm Harris Interactive asked over 200 workers at different companies what kinds of videos they watched at work. The employees said they spent about 18 minutes a week watching video. About a third of that time was spent watching … Continue reading

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Time Management and Stress Management

Recently one of our experts, Sharon Melnick, wrote about how to find the mental blocks that make us procrastinate. She’s a Harvard trained psychologist and has been coaching and speaks on procrastination and time management.  She lays out the argument that you know what your … Continue reading

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