Avoid Proctrastination and Build Team Support

Don’t procrastinate on a decision; let’s face it, we make very few life or death, or irreversible decisions. It’s better to make the decision, execute quickly, validate and learn. The learning from the ‘wrong’ decision can provide further evidence for continuing to move things forward.   Craig Edmunds

Edmunds is a tech entrepreneur and you may think this advice onlyeffective decision making applies in that world. But, his advice could apply to just about any work situation…IF you are willing to gather the data to know if or when to change your decision to fit your company’s priorities and goals.

What so many executives and leaders fail to notice is that their decisions can change. They aren’t stand alone decisions. Usually, the decision is part of a series of decisions. A setback or a failure is a stepping stone to finding a better answer.  Just doing nothing and freezing…well, we know the answer there. Competitors and new entrants are moving ahead, most likely taking away your customers or innovating. Or, that new colleague down the hall who doesn’t have any institutional memory decides to try something new that leads to accolades and a promotion.

Communication and allowing team members to be heard and participate in the decision-making helps a decision become more of an iterative process. That means that changes or shifts can be made when an obstacle or setback occurs. The communication is what makes this fluid. If everyone’s in on the loop, the transitions almost seem invisible or, at the least, less painful.

At the end of the day, the team collaboration and willingness to listen will also help to keep you more focused on the goal and not your own ego. As Edmunds says so well,

Don’t fight a corner; the aim is to improve the result, not to win.”

Two video trainings that can help you and your team manage change, available in DVD format or online streaming:

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