Leadership Video Shows Good Decision-Making Skills

There was a recent discussion among HR folks on LinkedIn aboutDecision-making skills videos how much we should rely on data in making a hiring decision. One side believes in human interaction and a gut feeling as the best determinant for good talent decisions. The other side is all about the analytics. The latter is more the trend these days as more talent management firms buy analytics companies. You can understand why since the cost of making a bad hire and then replacing that person is so high.

But, the devil’s in the details and we’d say you can’t rest on idle and let the data decide. It’s got to be a mixture.

Are you aware of our own bias in hiring? Are you trying to hire someone just like yourself? Your race? Sex? Educational background? That bias can also show up in the data. What data do you emphasize. How do you ferret out the trends? Are you measuring the right information? Do you decide that just because someone has an Ivy League education, that they will make a good manager? How do you know if they make better decisions? Do they coach their folks toward excellence? Do you know why 46% of new hires wash out after 18 months (Leadership IQ)?

Same thing with ethics…the latest university scandal of doctoring SAT scores involves Emory University. We can look “over there” with scorn or shock but are we self-aware enough to know our own values, our company’s and when we’re at risk of making the wrong choices, all in an effort to reach a goal? Think of the pressure your managers experience, especially with fewer resources or more competition.

At the heart of business is a gray world, where clarity is not so black and white. Good leaders use their values and passion, and yes data, to make wise decisions. In turn, they and their organizations become a talent magnet for peak performers. What we like so much about leadership training videos is that they give participants a chance to watch good leaders who have faced similar tough decisions and adapt or mold those skills to navigate through difficult choices.

Some leaders that come to mind are:

  • Andy Grove, who co-founded Intel, who was talking ‘data’ way before it became the buzzword of today. He’s a great example of good decision-making.
  • Stephen Covey and Bill Bradley (former presidential candidate, Rhodes Scholar and NBA basketball player) are great examples of self-awareness and how that plays in your role as a leader or member of a team.
  • Body Shop’s Anita Roddick and Charles Schwab show how a company’s mission of corporate responsibility attracts great talent.

These are just some of the short video clips available in our streaming video library or on DVD.  These videos help visualize the concepts of decision-making, self-awareness, corporate responsibility, team building and more. Contact us for more information.  If you want longer form corporate training videos ,we have those too!

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