Videos to Empower Managers to Be Good Coaches

“That’s their job, isn’t it?”

That’s a common response from managers who think good work should be expected and that an annual review is the time to give feedback. Meanwhile, the team sees their manager as uncaring or, worst, absent.

Image courtesy of pakorn /

Image courtesy of pakorn /

Actually, frequent, consistent honest feedback helps workers know what they’re doing well and where they might need to re-adjust. It doesn’t have to take a long conversation. A compliment that’s specific to a good behavior reinforces it, especially when the manager gives immediate feedback. First, it tells the employee what they’re doing well and it shows that the manager notices.

Also, telling an employee what doesn’t work or how to fix a problem saves hours of Sturm and Drang (German: “Storm and Stress”) later. Just ask yourself — What’s more painful: turning around a problem employee or going through the hiring and training process for a new employee?  Did we mention costs to the organization?

The Practical Coach video training as well as The Wisdom of Teams video training help managers learn how to give clear feedback. (Click on their links for free video previews). They show how to coach and build teams by effectively providing guidance on what works and doesn’t work before the employee goes too far off course.Practical Coach video training dvd

In the popular Practical Coach video training, managers and supervisors can learn from the different scenarios on how to be effective coaches. The Wisdom of Teams shows real life leaders and how they empower their teams. Great resources to start the new year!

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