Boost Your Competitive Advantage with Videos

Bersin research shows that organizations with strong learning cultures have a significant competitive advantage. These organizations are:

  • 46% more likely to be strong innovators in their markets
  • 34% more likely to get to market before their competitors
  • 18% more likely to currently be a market-share leader in one or more of their markets
  • 33% more likely to report higher customer satisfaction than other organizations
  • 39% more likely to report success implementing customer suggestions

Want to get this competitive advantage? Want to motivate and engage your workforce? Success Television offers effective leadership skills and team building video DVD trainings featuring world class business leaders such as Jack Welch, Richard Branson and best selling author Marshall Goldsmith. Add credibility and jazz up your leadership trainings with videos, the greatest retention tool available.**

Effective Leadership skills DVD trainings (CD includes training materials):

The Wisdom of Caring Leaders

The Wisdom of Winning Teams

Marshall Goldsmith Effective Leadership Skills  

 **Studies in the field of Psychology have shown that the combination of senses creates greater retention and brand recall. It has been estimated that people retain only 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, and 30% of what they see. When these senses are combined, however, retention takes a dramatic leap forward. Those same estimates say that when someone hears and sees, retention jumps to 50%. Delivering video provides another benefit – interactivity and touch. Stimulating retention by combining interactivity has shown to increase retention to 70% and in some cases up to 90%. US Naval Education & Training Command. Navy Instructor Manual. August 1992, p. 25.

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