Bumping a High Performer into Management

You know the scenario. Very competent high performer is bumped up into management. This new manager, Sue, has knocked it out of the ballpark with her sales performance. Now, the boss wants her to lead a team, hoping she will be able to clone her stellar performance and create a team of high performers. 

The problem is that Sue has been drop shipped straight into a job she has never done. She’s expected to lead and achieve results through others but she’s never been taught how to do that. Within 3-6 months employees are bristling and unengaged. Some are thinking of leaving.

During the recession, many companies cut back on their training programs in an effort to cut costs. “While this may seem like an easy fix, it’s actually the wrong choice and one that reveals a lack of big-picture thinking”, writes Burton Goldfield  in Entrepreneur.com. Goldfield quotes a recent study by staffing company, Spherion Atlantic Enterprises, that says 61 percent of respondents who received training or mentoring said they were very likely to remain with their current employer for the next five years or more.

Corporate training DVDs and E-learning help companies to rapidly develop their managers and teams.  The Wisdom of Caring Leaders Elearning shows and teaches good leadership skills.  This interactive training features videos of successful leaders like Stephen Covey and Richard Branson and makes a great pre-learning designed to be completed in under 30 minutes.  Participants can then apply their learning in the classroom or in a direct one on one with their managers.

Wisdom of Caring Leaders Elearning

Some of the skills managers will learn from this leadership training video Elearning:

  • The role of choice in the results we achieve.(Stephen Covey)
  • How to lead with passion during times of change.(Anita Roddick)
  • How to innovate and include diverse points of views.(Pierre Omidyar)
  • The benefits of taking educated risks to innovate.(Richard Branson)
  • How to lead with courage and foster self esteem.(Jack Welch)

Wisdom of Caring Leaders DVD

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