Developing Effective Leaders to Hit Home Runs

Google’s 8-Point Guide to Good Management. Use it to add fuel to your own management training. The guide says “Don’t be a sissy” and reach for those goals, use your power to remove roadblocks, develop careers and listen. Seems pretty universal and certainly worthwhile to help your managers hit some home runs with their team.

But, how do you get your managers there? Here are a couple good examples of video trainings to teach managers how they are perceived and how they can hone their management and leadership skills:

  • The Practical Coach DVD Training – great for showing managers how to get good work repeated (or not), correct poor work in a positive way, communicate employees’ poor personal habits, and tools for turning a dead-end performance around.
  • Wisdom of Teams DVD Training – teaching leaders to effectively manage and build teams. Learn communication and team leadership skills from great business leaders.

According to the CEO of Great Place to Work® which conducted the study published in Fortune’s 2013 Best Companies to Work, there’s a definite focus for achieving success:

This year, we saw list makers honing in on employee wellness programs, professional development, including a special emphasis on the development of leaders, and tackling the issues created by an increasingly mobile and global workforce.  Susan Lucas-Conwell,CEO Great Place to Work®

So, how are you developing your leaders?

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